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Here's Waldo® is a boutique recruiting firm for the video game industry. We value quality over quantity, transparency, communication, and diversity. We partner with companies, creatives, and programmers to understand the "why" behind their needs and provide a white-glove experience that ensures a win-win outcome.

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Here's Waldo CEO Lizzie Mintus

Hi, I'm Lizzie

I founded Here’s Waldo® Recruiting because I saw the need for white-glove service in the recruiting industry.

I've built a team of straight-forward, honest people who know the video game industry inside out. Nothing is more fulfilling to us than helping people land their dream jobs and helping companies build world-class teams. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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Experts in Gaming

With years of expertise in gaming, we understand the ins and outs of the industry and what it takes to find the right candidates that can transform your business.



Software Engineering


When we needed to quickly grow our development team at Mountaintop Studios, we wanted to partner with a recruiting team who really understood the company and culture we are trying to build while attracting the best talent from the games industry. Here’s Waldo® was the partner we were looking for, and the world-class team we have assembled is the result of their amazing work. The dedication and personal care that Here’s Waldo® put into finding the perfect candidates for each of our roles has been transformational for our business, and I don’t know where we would be today without their help.

Nate Mitchell
Co-founder of Mountaintop
Formerly co-founder of Oculus

We specialize in filling crucial positions that have a significant impact on your organization, handling the recruitment process without any hassles.

We partner with both major studios and emerging startups in the gaming industry to find the ideal job opportunity that matches your unique skills and requirements.

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